Which is better? Do you like girls who dress somewhat girly, or casual?

i am just curious, I know mos guys have there own personal preferences. But, I am curious what most guys prefer. Do you like girls who dress somewhat girly, or casual? I personally dress really casually, I mean I wear jeans, a white vneck, and sometimes even a trucker hat, and I am gone out the door. But, my friends say I pull it off really well, like I make it look good, or "hot" so to speak. which I don't get, but w/e. I honestly don't think TOO much about what I wear, I mean I will dress up for occasions, but, I just don't like getting super dressed up, or being girly, because I skateboard and walk around, and being girly just doesn't work for me.

but I was wondering which one you guys prefer?


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  • I like your style. Skater girl in a trucker hat is rad in my opinion. I really think it's cool when a girl can wear a hat and look cute. Do you wear Vans or CCS or something else similar? I bet you could rock a wallet with a chain or a small black and white checkered Dickies messenger bag and complete your look perfectly. Perhaps a leather bracelet too.

  • both have their appealing aspects. the trucker hat is a no go for me though. I like girly girls but its fun to have a girl that will go do crazy things and get dirty.


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