Hair extension: yes or no?

My hair are a bit below my shoulders. I'd like to have long hair so I'm thinking of hair extension. But my boyfriend doesn't want me to do it, he says that he doesn't want to touch someone's hair. Guys, what do you think of hair extension, do you find it ugly? Girls, have you ever done it and how did your bfs react?


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  • if you get good hair extensions then yes it will look good to me. Many guys though probably think girls are like superficial though or something if they wear hair extensions. I really don't care what a girl does if it is helps her feel better looking and she is comfortable with it.

    • Even if it' hair, nail and lash extension simultaneously:-)?

    • should I not? To me each of the things you listed makes a girl look better but I'm telling you if you told guys you did all that many would judge you and think of you as like a different person I don't know why it's pretty stupid judgment imo. I wouldn't force a girl to do those things though only if they want to but yes I would like if a girl did all three.

    • Wow! I've always thought that guys prefer girls to be natural!

  • I don't know if I would find it to be ugly...but probably not a turn on...might be weird to touch?

    • But if I am looking prettier with long hair is it not a turn on?

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    • I consider "attractive" to be more of a general thing..sort of like sexy..I think of "pretty" as more to do with her face...shape, eyes, smile etc...but...maybe that is just color might be "pretty" but I tend to think more of hair length or style as "sexy"

    • I like your explanation:-).

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