Purely based on the looks

and not on her personality and attitude. Guys, what is for you the perfect girl? How tall, hair color, length of the hair, eye color, clothing style?


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  • Height: 5'3-5'6

    Hair: Brunette

    Hair Length: Mid back

    Hair Style: Lightly curled

    Eyes: Green

    Clothing style: Trendy

    Feet: Cute

    Voice: Feminine (Higher pitched or low and sultry)

    Butt: Cute little bump or fully rounded both work. Depends on your frame

    Breasts: 34B's to 36C's. Depends on your frame

    Figure: Athletic or Slim (Nothing boney)

    *Bonus points for cute laughs, noises and expressions. Dimples are also a plus and so are accents.

    ** Let it also be noted while that I find all types of women beautiful, I just happened to have a lot of female friends growing up who matched that description and it rubbed off on me.


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  • height - fairly tall, 5'9 - 5'11ish

    hair color - I'm a sucker for a natural blonde

    length of hair - fairly long

    eye color - blue, green or greyish

    clothing style - casual, although willing to dress up if required

    other physical stuff, I like girls who wear minimal makeup (apart from eyeliner, which I love on girls) and are of an average build (if I'm worried that hugging her will snap her in two, I won't fancy her) with smaller boobs and amazing legs.

  • Height: 5'5-5'11

    Haircolor: Black

    Hair Length: Shoulder or longer.

    Eye color: Light-brown.

    Clothing style: Don't really care.

  • Height - 5'2-5'6

    Hair color - link

    Length of hair - middle of back

    Eye color - light blue

    Clothing style - girlie style


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  • I noticed the two guys that answered like tall girls that sucks I'm very short since when I thought guys liked short girls. Sorry I know you can't answer that I had to put it maybe some guy can answer it

    • I'm 6'3 and prefer em 5'3-5'6. Don't let the opinions of 2 people kill your mood.

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    • 4'10 is a little too small but hey, you never know who you'll fall in love with. Lucky for you there are more guys shorter than 5'10 than taller so it all works out.

    • Ya I always hated being short but there's nothing I can do about it. I was soposed to be five feet but I'm not even as tall as my parents.

  • Even though I'm not a guy, I'm bi so I'm going to invite myself to answer this :P

    height:5'4- 5'6, I like a girl a little taller than me

    hair color- dark brown, black

    length of hair- past shoulder length

    eye color- dark brown

    clothing style- girlie or a little funky but nothing boyish

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