What does it mean when someone says that you don't look smart (as in intelligent)?

Today I was talking with my friend and she said that she said that she was surprised because apparently I don't "look" smart but I actually am. Her little brother did too and they said that it was something about my face. I have been complimented before and people say I am really cute pretty beautiful etc and apparently I have good style. Could it be because I have what you would "good facial features" (not trying to sound conceited but I think I look pretty good and my parents were both very attractive people and I always get told that I look like a mix of them)? Do people consider people that wear glasses and turtlenecks and suits etc to "look smart"? Oh and by the way I would post a picture but they always get deleted.


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  • maybe that you just look innocent.

    or childish.

    why would your pics get deleted?

    that makes no sense. what are you postin nudes or somesh*t?

    • no its a long story. But actually I asked her to elaborate and she said that I looked like a "cool" person and not a nerd kinda like I am.

    • Well is it your hair or the way you dress?

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  • I think you answered your own question. We know what smart means, didn't need the "intelligent" in parentheses


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  • I think, to some extent, people stereotype based on looks. Pretty girls, especially blond ones, typically don't get judged as intelligent-looking... or at least they don't as often. Same with attractive boys sometimes. Don't let yourself be too concerned with people's stereotyping... after all, we've all heard a million times you can't judge a book by it's cover, and I think that's true. =)

    • yes its annoying some people think I'm dumb :( but everyone at school thinks I'm really smart.