How can I get a boyfriend and not feel so insecure?

I have never had a boyfriend and for some reason I feel like that makes me ugly because most of my friends have. I also feel insecure because like every girl is shorter than me. I feel like a giant at 5'11 next to them and guys seem to want or date shorter girls. I wanna feel good about myself and maybe have a relationship or. Hook up. I'm not active in that way tho. I'm 16 and I just want to feel like I'm worth something.


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  • the same problem on this site over and over again but here's my answer:

    (1) guys are NOT the only gender that has to approach / make the first moves etc ... girls can too

    (2) guys are NOT going to "make" you want him/them...YOU have to want one first

    (3) guys get rejected (even before we try) more than girls ... so what makes you think a guy is going to ask (a girl) you out etc?

    (4) guys are NOT born confident

    i ran out of ideas but you get the point


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  • IKR! I totally feel the same way. 5'11", skinny, red-head, freckles... I want SOMEONE to care about me! :(

    • Right I feel like I'm just not good enough:( or never will be

    • most models are tall and skinny

      dont worry too much about your height