What do you think about me getting a nose piercing?

My birthday is coming up and I wanted to get a nose stud, just something small. I think they're cute on most everyone who gets them. Do you think I should get one? If you've had it done, does it hurt?


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  • Do it! Looked at your picture, you've got a good nose and you'll be able to pull it off. Also, It doesn't hurt a bit, doesn't swell and doesn't hurt after! best piercing to get and I've had pretty much every piercing under the sun and my nose hurt the least, I even did it myself. Good luck! x

    • Thank you! I hope it doesn't hurt, but I'm gonna take care of it.

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  • I think it makes you a typical teenager that has no idea what she's doing or any idea who she is and is just out to fit in with the cool kids. do you think you're going to want it in a few years? not a chance. so just don't do it. it's a waste and is likely to send the wrong messages to others.

    • That's kind of rude. It's an tiny piercing and don't automatically assume that just because lots of other girls have them that I'm getting one to fit in. I don't conform, I do what I choose within reason. If I don't want it in a few years I'll simply take the stud out and the hole with close on its own with time. I fail to see how a stud that's barely visible sends the wrong message. What message is that exactly? Enlighten me.

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    • ok that's great. I read your question slightly wrong anyways, so you can ignore some of the harsher points I made, because like I was trying to point out, I was getting the initial wrong impression.

    • Yeah, I got that. It's cool.

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  • I got one for my birthday last year. It was pretty painful >.< and expensive. Just for the stud itself it was like $60. Not to mention, a month after I got it, I lost the stud (it fell down the drain D:) and my hole closed. But anywho, if you do decide to get one make sure you clean it everyday, at least 3-4 times with warm water and sea salt. You can use a q-tip to clean it, it's a lot easier

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