Need a hairstyle that'll pass off to look like a girl. Which one?

I need help finding a hairstyle that'll make me look exactly like a girl. Me and my friend made a bet that if I could pass as a girl I get money. Besides I think it's fun :P

Reason for my change in color is because the sun makes it reddish, that's all. My pic I just got is reddish/violet hair. Lol!

My pictures (Also could you possibly rate how much I look like a girl?) Also please be blunt. Thank You!

I got red/violet hair in the sun now. Lol!

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Kinds of Hair I want, so maybe you could hopefully get an idea? If you have any ideas send a picture that you think would look good on me!

Also I have no clue what to tell the haircutter. So if possible tell me what needs to be done. Likeee for example (Ask the hairstylist to cut your layers, make bangs, etc etc.) Thanks!

My Ideas that I want- link

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Can any1 send me a link to a haircut that would probably work out? O; Thanks!


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  • Honestly, the only thing you really need is just makeup. No need for a hair style change. If you can get a drag queen to do your makeup (not the drag queen look though), you can definitely pass off as an attractive girl. Bronzer will be your best friend if you know how to use it.

    Btw, the haircuts that you want would probably not go well with your face shape. You have masculine features (boxy-ish in fact). Your currently hair is actually hiding those features by softening your jawline and brows. If you go with 'straight' cut look, it'll just make you look more masculine. Just a tip.

    Best of luck! And sounds like a blast ^_^

    • btw I only say Drag Queen because they are AMAZING at contouring and makeup.

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    • LOL I think you just need someone who knows how to contour. If you youtue it, you'll know what I mean. Once you can do that, you'll look a lot like a girl. If you skip out on makeup, you'll just look like a manly girl.

    • Oh and I can't curl it ;l. My dad would TOTALLY kill me if I curled it >.>"" Lol. It was hard enough having this long hair ;P But I can still look like a NORMAL girl without having my hair curled right? ._."" Lol! Basically if I had to pick one thing that's essential into making me look like a girl, what would I have to do?

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  • Ask your hairdresser to 'layer and feather' your hair and create a shaped fringe..that's pretty much what the styles are in the ideas you want, they'll be able to help you out there. However, no offence but I think with some curlers and a little mascara you'd pass for a girl now! hahaha

    • Really! <3 Thanks! :D I wanna look cute and hit on guys. And it's no offence to me. It's a compliment -^^-

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    • Wah! I love Blush and lipstick. LOL! And eyelash curlers... Well... I can't use it at all... Your shoving a metal tool and clamping it... That's wayyy too scary... And I use Revelon but it doesn't work for me.

    • Can I add you? O; In case I need any help you seem to have an idea and know? >.<" The username starts with a H and ends with an N in case you were wondering who it is ._."" Soo like ya.

  • lol :') I think your haircut is already kinda feminine to be honest. Just pluck your eyebrows, use some fake lashes for more girlie eyes and some blush, bronzer and highlighter for a more feminine bone structure. Don't overdo it though, otherwise people will think you're a dragqueen instead of a girl haha. Also, use an extreme push up bra and some fake filling to make boobs. Don't forget to shave all the hair on your legs/ armpits/ face/ chest btw! Good luck lol (:

    • Think I could pass and look like a normal girl without make up? :P

    • Not really. You have a man's bonestructure. You'll probably need to shape your face with bronzer, highlighter and blush to make it look like you have a more feminine bone sturcture (high cheekbones, diamond shaped face) and also girls naturally have longer lashes and more pinkish lips. (:

  • Omg gorgeous hair. Don't cut it. Instead, just do some wide curls like so: link

    You can't go wrong with that.

    • Haha I would curl it but my dad would totally kill me if I curled it and made it pretty and cute like this XD Lol!

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    • Dude wow. I don't know. It already looks girly, maybe work on something else? Facial expressions, give you eyebrows a trim and use lipstick?

    • Thanks. Ummm what facial expressions are you talking about? ;P Eyebrows ya I'll figure it out. Lipstick welll I like lipgloss better XD

  • Are those pictures really of a boy ? :o

  • LoL this's funny.

    I think I can tell that you're a guy though. You can't change your facial bone structure! :P

    But maybe some curly hair, mascara, eyelashes and make up, that makes your face smaller with foundation shadows, will work lol.

    But are you going to act in a play?! LOL

    • Mind telling me what part of my bone structure makes it obvious? O;

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    • Without makeup I'd say you look like a really masculine women. With some makeup tricks it could soften your jaw and cheek bones. I'm sure there are tutorial on YT explaining how to do this. I'm just not sure how hard it is to do.

    • Yeah I agree with Vermi!

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  • why did you post anonymously and then link your pictures?

  • You already do in a sense, if you want to look like a guy, I'll go get the clippers, we can give you spiked hair.

  • You can definatley pass a a girl pluck your eye brows, and don't work out till your soft and make some boobs.

  • Holy sh*t you can pass as a girl. lol.

  • dafuq

    you look like eva mendes :O

    • I don't see the similarities ._."" Lol.