To perm or not to perm?

so I have wavy hair, and I get so insecure bout it. my hair has angles in the front and layers in the back. I loveee my hair straight. this is gonna sound crazy, but I would go outside w no makeup on if my hair was straight all the time. my wavy hair is different all the time. one day it's nice, then another day it's a giant mess, etc. but when it's straight it's perfect. I always straighten my hair; it's addicting, so my hair's thinned out. I want my hair to be healthy, but I want it to be straight :'( I wanna get my hair permed but ik that will also damage my hair, but it will save me a lotta time and at least my hair will be able to grow ya kno?everyone's tellin me I have beautiful hair, but I don't know what to do!


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  • I wouldn't do it, it does damages you hair and it's no good if anything get chi hair stiraghner.

    • eep that's expensive :/

      why chi hair straightner? :)

    • it works well and yeah but it's worth does last a godo while

    • ooh. okie dokie :) thanks for your help! :))