Which Suit for Prom?

I don't know much about the "rules" for prom attire. Here are some links to outfits that I like. Some are probably not appropriate for prom. What is your opinion?

1: link

2: link

3: link

4: link

I would wear black dress pants with that last one. Probably not the checkered pants.

5: link

Please feel free to post links to suits that you like.


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  • The last link doesn't work with me.

    But I think the first one and the second one are perfect. In general, I like the black suits and the white suits with some beautiful rose in the pocket! :)

    But in the second one, I didn't like the Blue-striated shirt. Maybe if it was another color that suits the beige color it would be nice! :)

  • I don't know about rules there but I like mostly number 2.

    1 and 5 is OK

    and don't really like 3 and 4


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