What kind of underwear looks sexiest on a guy with athletic body type?

I'm 5'11" tall and I work out and exercise regularly. I don't have muscles popping out but I'm toned and have no fat. I used to wear boxers all the time but I got used to boxer briefs and tight whites because they give more support for running and working out. Now I'm wondering what kind of underwear I should wear on dates in case the girl ends up seeing me in them? Also what colors look best for underwear on guys?

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  • Boxer Breifs
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  • Breifs (Tighty Whitey underwear although can be colored)
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  • All of the above...including none.


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  • I found that girls love the Calvin Klein boxer breifs.. try to get either dark ones if you have a white skin color with some red lettering.(chicks love that) and make sure theyre soft for when they touch you