When getting your hair colored...?

If you're going extremely light do you have to do it in stages or can you just do it all at once? I have an appointment with my hair dresser on Tuesday to go white blond, like Marilyn Monroe. Naturally I am strawberry blond but my hair is a little darker because I colored it. I was just wondering.


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  • you can do it all at once if you're

    in a hurry, but I suggest you

    do it in stages, that way you'll

    get a better result I think

    • I was kind of thinking that but my hair dresser costs a bit and I really only have the money right now to get it all done at once. Thank you :)

    • good luck with that, let's hope it turns

      out as good as you expect it to ^-^

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  • I've got bright blond hair and I had to do it in stages. We had to tone my previous red color out first before we could start bleaching. Once we got to the bleach it took a few sessions to get to the brightness I wanted and then we tonned it to be the right color. I wouldn't advise going all out at once, go in a few times over the next few months and use blond specific shampoo/conditioner in between sessions. I like Beadhead dumb blond personally

  • Normally to get that blond. You will have to strip the dark color that you have in your hair. and than go that blond. Its hard to go all at once until you strip your hair. Be warned. Stripping is bad for your hair because it takes out your actually pigment color . But yes you can go all at once.