Why do the good looking people get all the friends and relationships?

i find that good looking people don't have to much to get friends and people to like them. on Facebook if you good looking guys girls from all over add that person they always liked they always lots lots of friends and people who find them attractive they never alone and never lonely or lost of male friend or female friends

why do this good looking people have all advantages in life all because they blessed with good looks they have every thing

they do nothing for it .every one like them .

it not fair so not fair there other stuff I will add later on and I will asking questions to help me understand

good looking people have it all they really do have it all but they also shallow popular judgemental

looks down people who are older and have no freinds no job weight and height .they look down on people with less in there lives as losers and pathetic like I wascalled by shallow superficial immoral guy with no values no morals no loyalty who is liar ageist mean and very stereotype

he stenotype older women as cougar to have a fixed idea about what a particular type of person is like, especial


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  • Not everyone likes them just because they are good looking.

    Personality counts for a lot too.

    If a girl was hot to look at, but was a miserable cow of a personality... an angry bitter person, well she'd be like vinegar on the tongue. You just wouldn't want to know her.

    • good looks = confidence but I have know good looking guys who are only nice certin people very cruel and nasty to people they don't like yet still remain popular even more poular even the people they don't like did nothing to them just them for no reason the looks of them or age .they just don't fancy them get mean and nasty to them to get rid of them even those people nothing to them but nice to that person and make no difference to good looking person he mean to them any way how about then

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    • No, it wouldn't bother me. I don't care if you hate me. I don't care if you don't.

      Someone who has never seen you or met you or whatever... it shouldn't matter if that person says they hate you or not. They don't know you. They are not important. It certainly isn't worth getting into tears over.

      Just ignore that person and get on with living your life.

      The good lord gave you one arsehole when you were born. And one is enough for your entire life. You don't need another in your life.

    • ok mr

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  • We are the visual species. Our brain can't help but process and make judgments based on outward appearance. Connections are dependent on it.

    One way to right the injustice for yourself is to find a circle of friends with special interests where looks are not important and other qualities take precedence.


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  • Maybe because people who think they look good, are confident, will be more outgoing and will talk to people more than shy people or people without confidence. Looks don't have anything to do with it, but the fact how they feel about themselves do.

    It's all about how they "exploit" their looks too, if they know people fall for them because of their looks, they might take advantage of it.

    • can I make point but good looking get very good treatment by people they don't even know

      so they more confidence with people because won't mean to them because they good looking they better treatment catch 22 do you what I mean .if there were not looking and people are not nice to them they would be so confident so do you see what mean . with good looking = confidence people want to know them fancy them but if there ugly looking it opposite effect

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    • People are shallow here too, but just in going out and approaching people. Doesn't matter if you're ugly or pretty or whatever, some people just get treated like crap and others don't...

    • well this is never treated like crap he treats others like crap but he hates it when some does to him

      one set rules for one person and set of rules for another he in part rules on other people which he hates himself to judge by fact

  • Well I guess people look up to them as someone they want to look or be like? But trust me, no one is perfect and I'm sure under all that glory there's something hurting them just as bad as your hurting but in a different way