Do people you find beautiful also find you beautiful?

I mean,there are pretty girls,and then there are pretty girls who makes you feel a special attraction, her face is "your type", so to speak. And this maybe my imagination,but sometimes when I exchange glances with those special girls,I feel like they are finding me special attractive too,even though I am not your typical good looking guy, whereas I don't feel that attraction with pretty girls who are not my type.

I wonder if there is this hidden biological mechanism which naturally seek out and pair up a guy and a girl who both find each other "their type"? you know that stuff about how subconsciously we find partners who have genes that we don't so we make a more complete baby?


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  • Lol! I love that you've thought about genetics! I know exactly what you're talking about. I have one of those faces that grabs the eye and I'm pickier than all my friends about male beauty but a longer face with a trim jaw and a pair of clear, honest eyes (no matter the color) is my face type. I kind of enjoy the mutual appreciation of beauty when I lock eyes with someone like this. Not in an ego trip way nor do I want to cheat, I just appreciate how alive the connection makes you feel. Like, if everything went wrong, maybe someone else could love you.

    Feels kind of like a little adrenaline rush in your gut, doesn't it? Love it!

    • yeah so what I was reli asking is, even though I maybe objectively less attractive than say, Brad Pitt, but this girl that I feel a special attraction to, is it possible that Brad Pitt is not her type and she will find me more attractive than Brad Pitt? LOL...

    • YES! You're in her real life, Brad Pitt is not, which makes you all the more important. (I think Brad Pitt is beautiful but he doesn't make my heart race like the pair of pupils that are my favorite to lock eyes with!) It's not Brad Pitt that shows up in my dreams, either. Honestly, I would never admit it to anyone but my eye-tag friend is beautiful in a simple, eternal way I can't describe. I've heard other ladies say he's "okay" looking but to me he's more.

    • So, this girl, are you interested in her? Or have you just noticed this feeling in you and you wonder if others - namley her - experience it too?

  • Yes I know what you mean. I've seen many good looking guys but they don't all appeal to me. Its rare but there's those few that make me feel weird inside, like a knot in your stomach, or that dizzy feeling that is accompanied by nausea and the shivering feeling. Haha at least that's how I feel. I get so nervous I want to throw up. I don't know why. :D that rarely happens now. Not that many guys make me feel like that.


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