Would this haircut suit me?

I'm cutting my hair again and I really like this haircut. I was just wondering if it would suit me. I think it would because I have the same face shape just not as sexy. What are your thoughts, would this haircut suit me? link link Also do you know how I would describe this haircut to the barber?


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  • Well your hair looks more straight than the guy's hair so it might look more flat but I think it will look OK. Its really short in the front. Pin your hair back and check to see if it looks OK but I think it should.

    As for explaining to the barber, just take the picture? My sister cuts my hair so I just show her a picture and tell her that I want it like that. Or sometimes I just say nothing. I don't know what I want. Haha

    • Well I don't want it if it's only going to look okay. ha ha Nah, I'll do that and see if I really want it like that. Do you have any recommendation of what else I might try?

    • Haha OK. It will look awesome :D

      Yeah that haircut is kind of what you already have but the top is a lot shorter.

      Do you get scissor cuts?

      you can get a fohawk or shorter on the sides and messy on top?

    • That's more like it. :)

      I guess I got a scissor cut the last time I cut my hair, before that I didn't cut my hair for about two years. I'm not really sure what I would look like with a faux hawk. I may just go ahead and go with that. I'll take it into consideration though. Thanks.

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  • That's a cute haircut and you're sure to woo with it.

    • It looks cute on David Duchovny, ha ha I'm not sure how it would look on me. The only reason I considered it is because I have about the same face shape as him and I wouldn't know what else to consider. Do you have any suggestions you would like to incorporate into the discussion?

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    • I think you could pull it off, you have a nice face.

      Just post some pics when you get it cut David Duchovny style!


    • Well I'm gonna try to get it cut DD style, I hope it doesn't come out weird.

  • Yeah it will work.

  • i like your hair longer like it is in your pro pics but that style will fit your face. I think it would work really well for you

    • Longer as in when it was shoulder length? I guess that's what you're talking about because I don't really have any other pics. I don't think I'm going to grow it out that long again unless I decided to donate it again.

    • you have a face for both long and short hair. either will work. I didn't see the short hair pics until now lol

    • I didn't think I had the face for anything. ha ha Thanks.

  • I think it's decent, but I think a side swept bang would be more flattering. I like your haircut already, why the change?

    • Well that mirror pic was taken about a couple of weeks ago so it's longer now. I currently have longer side swept bangs and apparently it doesn't look to great because my sister and mom say I should cut it. Maybe they just don't want me to grow my hair out again. haha

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    • Lol it doesn't matter..I'll send one

  • I think it would look good on you... but I think your hair looks great long.

    • Thanks, I don't think I'm going to grow it out again until I decide I'm going to donate it again.

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    • Wow thanks, I didn't know you had to send your hair to them.

    • No problem and yep, that's where my hair is now or hopefully some little kid is wearing it as a hairpiece or wig.

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