What's your take on lip piercings?

Do you like them why or why not? Do you find them attractive why or why not?

I have one so I'm just curious what other people think :3


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  • i don't like 'em I see lip rings, nose rings, eyebrow rings, I think "that person snorts coke" lmao

    or I know not the trust that person...if there willing to do that to there own face...what the f*** will they do with my car, house, clothes ect...

    • Man I hate how there's that stero type attached with this but just so you know not all people with piercings are drugged up douch bags

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    • im sure your a bright girl and just wanna stand out, who doesn't...i didn't mean to offend you if I did...i just answered your question with honesty. I have a friend who has different tastes as well and she is one of the most stand up people I know. but looking at someone and having a first impression and getting to know them is 2 different things. I say f*** what other people think...just be you, that's the best advice I can give.

    • Well thank you for the honesty that didn't offend me by the way :3

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  • Sorry to say it but I tend to subscribe to the same stereotype...

    If you wear them you are more likely to attract people that also wear them. This is fine I guess as they will share the same views as you do.

    However, you will also be less likely to attract the more straight laced guys.

    • True I guess I knew the risks of getting it but no matter what way a person looks like they will be judged so I moght as well look the way I want once and you get to know me I'm nothing like the stereotypes (emo,scene ect )

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  • I've had pretty much every lip piercing going but I only have one now. I like them, I think for me they suit my hair and my features quite well. I find them attractive on the right people, to me, they don't really suit some faces.