I want to be attractive, advice for a girl?

I want to be intelligent, funny, & easy to talk to. How do I develop that side of me that have something interest to say?


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  • -Less thinking about what your saying

    -More actual saying of what you think in that very moment

    Warning: You'll say more stupid stuff as you'll be talking... a lot... but you'll be easy to talk to and funny and still come across as intelligent in what you say most of the time


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  • Best tips on being attractive.

    Smile. A lot.

    Smiles make a girl 50% more attractive and as smiles are contagious everyone around you will feel relaxed and ready to smile too.


    Always look on the bright side of things and try to be happy even if your not.

    Don't dwell on your problems or constantly bring them up when you're around guys.

    Try to find amusing things in daily life everywhere you go and comment on them.

  • drink some alcohol

  • 1) don't be a self-centered stuck up snob

    2) be sweet, gentle ,caring, and kind

    3) ask a guy YOU want out etc.

    but other than looks... odds are your probably already attractive in that department

    and what "dreamtime" said

  • You are who you are. You cannot change your personality or make-up. Just embrace who you are. Have confidence. Enjoy sexuality.


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