Girls have you ever tried waxing at home; is it worth it?

ok so I'm planning on facial waxing. if you do do this at home, hows the experience been? side effects? and after how long does the hair come back? and I'm just afraid that after waxing the hair will become thicker, which is why I Haven't tried it in the first place. what do you guys suggest?


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  • Hair doesn't become thicker when it's cut, shaved, trimmed ect it just grows back quicker, never thicker. Facial waxing is not something that I've personally tried but I've seen it been done at home before at a friends spa party. It goes okay if you do it well, it might take a couple of tries but that all depends on the wax you are using, I'd use a sensitive wax strip that you warm between your hands and cut to size to fit the area you need to treat. How long the hair will take to grow back will vary on your skin type, the color of the hair, the area of the hair and the hormonal and protein levels in your body. However, usually for a first time wax user the results can last anywhere between three to six weeks, normally the hair growth is pretty unnoticeable during the first two weeks but will become more visual within the third and fourth week. Also, heat if linked to hair growth, so the hair grows quicker in the Summer. The good news is that with wax treatment the length of time between treatments will increase so regular waxing results in sparse hair re-growth.

    I'd also suggest that you apply a little bit of wax to an area of your face or skin for at least 24-48 hours before you actually do the waxing to ensure you don't have any allergies or side affects from the product, take this extra precaution especially because it's your face and if something goes wrong, there's nowhere to hide. It's reasonably rare but you can never be too careful with something like this.