Lack of work clothing style, makes me feel awkward because of my crush.

I am a 34 year old single Mom working in a library because of supporting my son. I am not even the typical type for a library, but have to wear ugly dress slack things because of it, and I don't know how they could flatter anyone. My 32 year old crush that I already liked in school is the cute type that has lots of girls try to flirt with him, but he is nice to me always and we text here or there and are on each others' Facebook pages. I feel a bit like a loser with what I do for a job and how I have to dress for it, compared to the other women who look at him. How can I make myself feel better? It really bothers me.. Before I get any blunt comments, just please try to tell me some nice stuff.


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  • I can speak from personal experience that a guy who likes you won't give a flying f!@# about what your work uniform looks like. I see girls all the time at work and it's obvious that the uniform isn't flattering at all but I can see right through it at how beautiful she would be in regular clothes. I'm sure many guys would agree.

    • Thank you for the nice response and I really appreciate it! It makes me think that maybe he sees past how I have to appear and be at work. :)

    • Any real guy would :]

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