I wonder if hipsters can see better with those stupid glasses!

If I had to wear glasses every day I think that it would suck. Like ones that actually make me see better. I'd probably squeeze into my tight hipster jeans and carry my boom box to the corner where I would blast Foster the People and cry about my existence while cutting myself. But, thankfully I am not a hipster and I buy all my sh*t at expensive department stores because I can and I enjoy it. So my question is basically what gives with the glasses? I mean you can't see any better with them and they are huge. It's bad enough everyone makes fun of you as it is, so why attract more attention to yourselves?

Moloch (for once) is the champ.


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  • Hipsters are gay. They try so hard to be intellectuals and avant garde, it's annoying as hell.

    • Wait, but didn't Ginsberg celebrate "angel-headed hipsters" in howl...?

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    • Damn hipsters.

    • Being a hipster back then was about being counter-culture, rebellion, it was a political as well as a cultural statement. Now people just walk around and become hipsters because they think it's cool

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  • Pfft, they just copy one another! I asked one of these hipster kiddies at a festival why he wore giant glasses and his answer was "they make me feel more intelligent" .. they might seem to make you feel more intelligent but to me the glasses definitely make you look stupider. I hate them, if your eyesight isn't bad then what's the point, so oversized and then all the hipsters think they look so hot in them, ignorance is bliss clearly.

    They're ridiculous. I'd only wear giant stupid glasses for these two reasons, either for dressing up a nerd for a party or if I fancied looking like Buddy Holly for the day. Most hipster cool kids obviously aren't informed that shops other than Urban Outfitters actually do exist.

    • Just like how it was ridiculous that we were once friends on here and I was just deleted out of no where. But it's OK. I never was anything but nice and appropriate. Sad times.

    • I got rid of most people! It was nothing personal I assure you that.

  • I have hipster glasses, but mine are real and actually help me see better...Also everybody loves them mostly not hipsters.


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