How many pieces of clothing do you have and how many times do you wear a piece of clothing before washing it?

i mean like how many blouses, shirts, tank tops, jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, sweaters, hoodies, socks, scarves, hats, shoes...

jeans can be worn more than once is it ew for any other clothing excluding underwear and socks?

girls and guys answer


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  • The amount of clothing I have is rather shocking. I have.. a lot. Too much to even consider counting. Two full wardrobes (both double doors) and a chest of drawers full. Plus mini drawers for my underwear/bras/hosiery. I am a total girl in that aspect.

    How many times I wear something before washing it depends on what I do whilst wearing the clothing and whether or not I get it dirty.


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  • I have about 15 dress shirts I cycle through. 5 pairs of dress trousers plus a few suits. Maybe 5 pairs of casual pants, plus a few pairs of shorts. I've had more, but they don't fit and I purged them.

    maybe 10 t-shirts not in storage.

    anyway, jeans I wash when dirty, wool pants, suit, wool sweaters dry clean when they need it. Shirts, underwear socks, every time I wear.

    When I get home from work, I tend to switch out of dry-clean only stuff. Otherwise my kids get them dirty, I get angry and don't want to because its not their fault. So I change right away.

  • Usually 2-3 days when I was a civilian, exception from socks and boxers which I change more often. But now that I'm in the army I might wear my clothes for 2 weeks sometimes. Change of boxers have been upped to 2-3 days. Usually so tired after daily service, that I don't bother doing the laundry.

  • I dunno. 100 items maybe.

    Frequency of washes - Depends on the item. Socks and jocks, wear 'em once. Most t-shirts and shirts, same thing. Wear 'em once. Tops, I can wear two or three times. Trousers, depends on the type. I can wear jeans and chinos for a week without washing them. I'd rather not, but I could.

    My thinking is, if it touches the skin and a sweat gland, wear it once. If it touches the skin and no sweat glands, you can wear it twice. Scarves hats and shoes can be washed as needed. Once a season maybe.


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  • I have tons of clothes. I have about 15-20 pairs of jeans. 25 nice shirts. 5 t-shirts. 3 dresses. one skirt. 3 hoodies. one jacket. 5 scarves. 4 basketball shorts. 4 jean shorts. 20 pairs of socks. 6 flip flops. A pair of boots. A pair of tennis shoes. A pair of sandals. A pair of heels. 10 or so tank tops.

    It depends on how long I wear something. If I just throw on a shirt and run to the store, I'll hang the shirt back up when I get home. I wear jeans twice before washing them. Tank tops I'll wear for a couple of days before washing. Jackets aren't something I wear often, so I wouldn't wash them unless I spilled something on it. Socks are worn once.

  • i don't really count how many "pieces" of clothing I have...probably more than 30? lol.

    I wash my jeans and pants once every 1.5 weeks?

    for tops, it depends on the fabric, if it's delicate, probably not as much?

    if it is a basic top, probably weekly?

    underwear? well, obviously I don't recycle underwear so as much as possible, but bras probably weekly?

    skirts, dresses, and other flowy bottoms, it depends on the fabric as well, I try not to

    chuck in the laundry as much because it'll ruin the look of the clothing...i try to bring it to the dry cleaners occasionally.

    Heavy outerwear like jackets, trench coats, and leather jackets, I try not to get them dirty. If they seem a bit worn out, I will bring them to the dry cleaners...

  • Well I never wear underwear twice. But yoga pants I wear like twice and then wash them and that's same for my sweatshirts but if they got dirty then I wash them right away.

  • Once for and kind of top and underwear.

    Jeans and sweatpants maybe about 3-5 times

    2-3 times for leggings and yoga pants.

    About 5 times for bras because they're annoying to wash.

    For my coat I have to take it to the dry cleaners so I only wash once a year.

    I wear socks once and maybe twice before I wash them.

    Skirts and Dresses I rarely wear them so only once.

    For a hoodie I will wash after several weeks of wearing it since it's not actually touching my body unless I get something on it or unless the fabric absorbed a funky smell like cigarettes. The same goes for the other clothing too.

    I do not wash scarfes, hats, or shoes unless something gets on them.