Would a nose piercing be safe?

Okay, I'm currently playing softball right now and I've been wanting to get a nose piercing for awhile now.

The only concern I have though is that it might get infected with all the sweat and dirt that'll be happening over my face/body.

But someone told me it would be fine as long as I kept up with taking care of it everyday.

So would it be fine if I was able to get it during the season?

Or would I have to wait until afterwards?

The only reason I'm wanting to get it sooner is that I'd like to be able to take it out before I go back to school.

Any advice is appreciated :)


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  • How dirty does your nose area usually get during the season? If it gets pretty dirty then I suggest you wait til after the season. The thing is that when you take care of it and clean it you have to do it carefully and proper. You don't just splash water on it. I don't think you'd have time to do it during a game since you can't just stop playing and spend 5 minutes cleaning. I definitely wouldn't suggest leaving dirt in a new piercing either.

    • Well usually I'll sweat on my face and around that area and then I'll kinda just wipe it off with my jersey or something. I remember when I had my cartilage pierced before and I had to cover it with a band-aid and be sure to clean it right after every game. It was very easy for that to get infected and my mom said it's more likely to happen on my nose.

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    • That makes sense. Thanks a bunch, ma'am :)

    • No prob! (:

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  • It's safe, get a stud instead of a ring. Early on when the piercing is still fresh you have to clean it regularly, especially as soon as dirt and sweat and flies and food don't get near it. When it heals you'll be fine because the protective layer of skin will be back.

    The only issue might be if you touch your face more often then you realize you'll irritate it.

    • I was planning on the stud so I hope it goes okay. And I probably will have to stop touching my face as much. Is it gonna hurt?

    • No. There's barely any nerves there and it's over in a second and you close your eyes to make it better. Looking at a needle enter you makes you more aware of the pain. But it doesn't hurt. Tell yourself that. It might be irritated and it could get infected and that might hurt but not in the broken arm or scraped knee sort of way but the something's wrong with my nose sort of way. My friend said she could never blow her nose the same after but she's a dork so I don't take her seriously.

    • Okay, good good. I just don't want my nose to constantly be hurting and uncomfortable because I know as soon as it's infected that's what'll happen. My aunt said it doesn't hurt but I've heard others say they wanted to cry from the pain, so I have no idea what to expect from that.

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  • Nose piercings are fickle bitches. Maybe it's just me.. But they are hard to heal properly.. and even when you think they're healed they act up and surprise you. You could always try, take really good care of it and see how it goes. You'll never know what your body is going to accept until you try.

    Safe bet would be to just wait, and if it get rejected it's not because of your baseball!

    • Aha, I've heard that as well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Thanks, man =)

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    • Okay that sounds good. Does it take awhile before it starts to heal?

    • Yeah. It will no matter what though. Being on your face makes it a little tougher. Just watch yourself and how you clean it. You can clean it TOO well, don't use alcohol rub, alcohol rub kills EVERYTHING even the good cells trying to heal your wound ;)

      If your asking when you can change it, I always changed mine fairly quickly. I do NOT recommend the studs with the balls on the end, always the twisty ones. The balls can be fine going in but refuse to come out.