Makeup and dressing tips please?

I've never really been a girlie girl. I've been a tomboy growing up. Lately, though, I've been thinking of giving myself a makeover. Can anyone give me makeup (light makeup will do) and dressing tips? Thanks!


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  • Remember that natural beauty is important. Start of with "Nude" eyeshadows, a little mascara, and some lipgloss. Take care of your hair, brush and treat it so that it is healthy and glows. Remember to wash your face with more than just soap, try to buy an exfoliant. Also apply cream to keep it hydrated. Try to wear simple skirts, and tops, nothing to "slutty". A nice dress and flats/wedges is also a nice combo. If you like jeans or pants, pair that with weges or small heels and a top that shows a little cleavage for a more feminine look.

    • Thanks for the tips! :)

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  • If you're an hourglass (I'm one myself) I think what best goes with the body type are tight skirts, they make your ass look really nice, or some nice jeans, preferably straight leg ones, tight tshirts also look good, but may make you feel insecure about your body, since everyone is starring. Generally for hourglass it would be clothes that show off your curves, I really like pin up girl dressed with wedges. As for makeup, since you're a beginner I'd recommend nude colors maybe some golden brown, but in my class there was a girl from hong kong and she always had smokey eyes makeup, in different colors, it looked so good! I'm picturing it in my head, I've complemented her so many time on her eye makeup she must have thought I was creepy;)

  • I am in a similar dilema myself. I am very much a tomboy so everything is outside my comfort zone and its weird for me but I have been starting with girlie plain colored tops instead of t-shirts and as far as my hair goes, I am too scared to risk a new look with it so I'll keep it, I just brush it out and often and wash it, daily or every other if I am too busy. I don't do make up, I grew up believing you should be proud of how you look naturally so I kinda take that in stride. I hope you find a good look you are comfy with

    • Good to know I'm not alone.:) The problem with me is that I have thick, wavy (which can get really frizzy hair), so it's hard to tame it, and using hair products make me look too severe.:/ I'm also slowly transitioning to blouses from shirts and veering away from sneakers.

    • Maybe sneakers > flats > flat sandals > heel sandals > pumps would be a nice transition? Or boots anywhere in between depending on the weather.

      You could try curling your hair or straightening it from time to time? What hair products did you use?

    • Hey, visual. I use the anti-frizz serum of L'Oreal just to keep my hair from puffing up.:) I don't really curl or straighten my hair.

  • I'd have to see your figure and face, or you'd have to describe it, otherwise I won't know what suits you

    • I'm not really comfortable posting pics on the Internet, so I'll just describe how I look.:) I'm pretty petite, but with almost an hourglass body (my boobs look pretty big because of my small frame). Hips and thighs are pretty big, but not enough to make me look disproportionate. As for the face, I look Asian (Chinese, Filipino, or Vietnamese) with brown eyes, wavy hair, and square-ish face.

  • What body shape do you have? When I know I can tell you what styles would be flattering on you. I don't have any makeup tips.

    • Best way I could probably describe myself would be in between pear and hourglass, since my waist isn't that small enough for that full hourglass figure. I'm pretty short though.

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    • ears.

      I get sick of wearing those kinda clothes all the time, there isn't much variety in store. What kind of look are you leaning towards though? There are tough feminine looks, girlie girl looks, cool.. grungy..

    • I'm looking for feminine but not to the point of looking too girly, if that makes sense.