Why do girls tell me I'm pretty/gorgeous but not guys?

It annoys me because maybe the girls are thinking "omg look at that ugly girl I'm going to tell she's pretty just to make her feel happy" because when I ask my guy friends they tell me I'm hideous and awful. When I went to a field trip my teacher told that everyone was saying I was really gorgeous. Guys sometimes hit on me but not has much has they stare but they could also be thinking "look at that ugly creature" I don't know and rarely hit on me, and I don't have a boyfriend.


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  • If you're especially beautiful or attractive, and particularly if you seem more sophisiticated, you will intimidate most guys and they'll be afraid to approach you, even though they find you VERY attractive. Their fear of rejection overpowers their desire for you.

    Anyway, as the girl, you can "solve" that problem by being more outgoing, more inclusive with the guys you are around (bring them into the conversation, involve them in your activities), and by dressing a bit more casually, which will make it easier for guys who are attracted to you to approach you.


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  • when guys insult each other they don't really mean it, when girls compliment each other they don't really mean it either.

    • awww how sweet


  • What about the picture? You know - it would make it easier to answer precisely instead of making guesses and assumptions.


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