How to not let attractive guys have the benefit of the doubt?

Okay so I've been asking around about why all attractive guys have bad personalities. so how do us girls need to act when we have to deal with/encounter these type of guys?I think it's really unfair that the nice girls always treat the good guys bad and the overly attractive guys bad. I'm opposite and treat people the way they treat me, no matter how they look. Even though I secretly wish that I could find a guy that was attractive with a good personality. If he has a bad personality I don't want anything to do with him. but besides that, how do we lessen the conceited jerky good looking guy's ego so that we don't give them the benefit of the doubt. like when we encounter a jerky guy working in a store that you can tell that he thinks the world of himself because he is attractive? guys and girls give your inputs on this or real life experiences with this please

i mean girls always treat attractive guys good*


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  • girls give me free stuff. winning!

  • Not all attractive guys are jerks

    • how do you know?

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    • @tmc1324... how will the "non-jerk" guy act? and how will he treat his girl?

    • I don't understand the question, different guys act differently. Someone who is not a jerk will not act like a jerk. And how he treats his girl totally depends on the guy and what his girl is like.

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