The perfect date outfit for your date?

Girls and guys send a link of what would you like your date to wear...

you could also send a link of what would you wear yourself to impress a date, could be a day or evening date...

and why did you choose that?


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  • link link (minus the hat) link link link Basically any kind of skirt or dress.

    • Cute :)

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    • Well depends I am not a date expert as I only dated one guy lol but I wouldn't want him to think I put too much efford so I would use casual link

    • That's nice too. It really depends on where you go on the date to decide what you would wear. Which off the ones that I put do you like the best and why?

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What Guys Said 1

  • girl - high heels and a smile (lipstick), absolutely nothing else

    guy - doesn't matter

    • not fair it has to be clothes involved, gee I knew guys would answer like this

    • it actually depends on the girl. there are some girls who should never go without several layers of clothing at all times.

    • Gee you shouldn't date them

What Girls Said 2

  • For a casual date: link

    Because it looks effortlessly well put together and besides, you gotta love a guy that can rock pink.

    • Yeah guys in pink are bold

  • For me it would me link or link

    • Really cute, love the lady look

    • Thanks.

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