Losing hair, any suggestions?

A regular hair fall,going bald...is there any cure to regrow hair...

(wont go for surgery)


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  • why is it falling out?

    genetics? stress? something else?

    idk. you can try different hair products.

    nioxin helps with thinning hair. I think.

    its kind of pricey but apparently it helps to prevent, or at least slow the process hair thinning.


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  • Rogaine link

    It claims to work in 85% of the men that tried it. It didn't work for me.

  • I've already made up my mind that if this happens to me (and it might, I'm not quite sure) I am just going to shave my head completely.

    I feel like, while a lot of people might argue that a full head of hair is better than a shaved head (I think I would agree) I firmly believe that a shaved head is worlds better than a half a head of hair.

    You can still look tough or manly or professional with a shaved head. But you just really can't with a comb-over or something.

    Now if you are just having a receding hair line, then maybe you can just wear it like this:


    Will Arnett is clearly having problems with his hair, but that style still looks good on him

  • wispy combover ftw!