How can I look more physically attractive.

Hey all,

I'm a guy, 25 and single. I'm not bad looking, about average I'd say, yet seem to have difficulty attracting any women. I don't really try punching above my weight, I'm realistic, and confidence is not my problem. However, although I look after myself hygienically, I'm not really what you'd consider well dressed or groomed. What I'm looking for here is a sort of 'Ten Ways to Instantly Look More Physically Attractive' guidebook.

Hope you have some good suggestions


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  • 1) Smell is a powerful factor in attraction, so finding a good cologne is a must.

    2) wear clothes that you feel comfortable in (not sweats, but something fitting of who you are) Personally I'm not a big fan of super skinny jeans or baggy pants, but something fitted always looks good...I think Levi's has a good fitted bootcut style pants for guys. Shirts- as long as they're clean, and not 10 sizes too big you should be good H&M actually has a decent guys section for shirts

    3) facial hair- My personal pref is clean shaven. If you choose to keep some stubble make sure it isn't patchy, and doesn't grow out too long. Make sure eyebrows are not massive and scary looking. Pluck out any connecting unibrow hairs, and if there's crazy stragglers along the edges you can pull those too

    4) Your actual hair- My pref is short. Not buzzed or anything, but a good 1-1.5 inches tops. It's hard for hair that short to get too messy, and it won't take long to style or anything which is a plus. If you dare to go longer just make sure you do the upkeep- getting it trimmed, keeping it styled/not crazy.

    5) Body hair- It's safe to say that no girl wants to see a forest trying to escape from the collar on your shirt. Keep the chest smooth, or trimmed. Get rid of any back hair entirely, and keep the back of your neck smooth

    6) TEETH! Smiles are super important. If you don't already brush/floss 2x daily, start. If your teeth are stained/yellowed, investing in some whitening strips can go a long way

    7) Skin. If you have any breakouts, or uneven skintone finding different topical on-the-spot treatments or daily moisturizers is good. I know it might sound a little gay, but seriously women appreciate nice skin

    8) Nails. I do happen to notice if someone is a nail biter and it kinda grosses me out. If you're not, awesome just keep the nails clean and trimmed. If you are a biter- stop it!

    9) Shoes I guess- For me I don't really care too much. As long as they're not completely tattered, no socks with sandals, no crocs, or anything tacky like that

    10) How you carry yourself. Keep yourself looking approachable, keep being friendly and hopefully the rest will happen on it's own.

    Good luck!


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  • Having a somewhat toned body is attractive. You should keep your hair looking a good haircut and clean when you go out. Make sure you smell good! Girls love when guys smell good lol.make sure that when you get dressed you look well-put together and matching. Basically, just don't be lazy about how you look everyday...dont just throw on dirty tshirts and walk out the door. Don't look like a bum and have bed hair haha

    Just shower, etc. take a look in the mirror, fix your hair up, and wear clean casual clothes :)

  • 1. Personally, a guy with a toned body is EXTREMELY attractive. It lets me know that you're not afraid of physical labor, which makes you seem all the more manly.

    2. Don't grow your hair too long. I know some girls are all the rage with the greasy, long locks that some rockstars have, but most girls I have talked to can't stand it when a guy's hair is longer than their own.

    3. TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH. Brush, floss, don't smoke, and visit a dentist every six months. The first thing I notice about a guy is his smile. The last thing I want to see is yellow, smoke-raped teeth.

    4. Certain colors have been proven to psychologically attract women. These colors include blue, black, and red. Where these colors often and you should see a difference.

    5. Walk with confidence. You say you already have good sekf-esteem. AWESOME. Show it. The way you walk into a room says a lot about you. I know guys who simply carry themselves in such a way that I find myself drooling away.

    Hope this helps! :)

  • Find a cute haircut that suits you and maintain it by regularly going for a trim. Depending on your hairstyle and hair type you might also have to use some hair products so ask your hairstylist about that!

    Make sure your nails are always nicely trimmed and clean, shave your facial hair (clean shaved looks good on all guys, no exceptions), pluck and trim your eyebrows if they're too bushy, if you have an unibrow or just to give them a good shape and take great care of your skin! Use products that are made specifically for your skin type and skin problems and if you're a lucky guy and you have good looking skin use moisturiser anyway.

    If you wear glasses, either switch to contact lenses or find some that will compliment your facial features.

    Take care of your body. Have a well balanced diet, it will show through your skin, hair and nails! Drink enough water to stay hydrated because, once again, that will show through your skin. But of course that isn't enough if you don't exercise and try to stay in good shape. If you're ambitious, you can even work out daily so that you build muscle and in turn have a hotter body.

    Then of course you need to wear clothes that fit you well, aren't wrinkled, stained or full of your pet's hair and that, preferably, are in style. If you aren't sure how to dress, ask a friend for advice or just look around on the internet for tips. Don't underestimate details, they can make or ruin your whole outfit so invest in accessories.

    Also, scent plays a big role in how attractive you are so make sure you always smell good! That's to say that once you have your basics covered such as showering daily and wearing deodorant, you should also invest in a nice smelling cologne. I know this may sound pretty obvious but if there is one thing public transportation has taught me is that some guys just don't know them.

    Those are just some general tips but try to be objective when it comes to yourself and look at what problems you may have and how you can solve them!

  • 1. No matter your style of clothing make sre everything you wear is crisp. Nicely ironed pants and dress shirts if you choos to wear one

    2. Smell nice at all times. The wa you smell cann decide whether or not they're going to be interested trust me. And none of that "no showering for weeks at a time to save water crap. For he sake of your love lfe and the noses of everyone you come in contact with, shower.

    3. Keep your breath fresh.

  • Dressing well and classy is number 1. There was a psychological experiment done on what women found attractive. And even if a guy wasn't "hot", but was well dressed, they instantly wanted him more than the "hot" not-so-well dressed guy, believe it or not. It's surprisingly important to most girls.

  • 1. Don't be overweight unless you will date overweight girls.

    2. Keep your hair styled in a way that suits you, don't let it get scraggly.

    3. Don't let your facial hair get scraggly either.

    4. Pay some attention to your clothes. Find a style that you think matches your personality. Make sure they are clean and not wrinkled. Make sure they are not too tight or too baggy.

    5. Don't wear tennis shoes with dress shirts (a dude told me this was a golden rule of dressing well as a man).

    6. If you have a unibrow, pluck between those babies!

    7. A pair of nice fitting, dark wash jeans goes really far.

    8. Wear a touch of cologne.

    9. Try not to go out places you might meet women when you're coming straight from work, if you have a blue collar job.

    10. Take care of your smile. You don't have to have perfect teeth, but maintain them well. Brush, floss -- all that jazz.

  • Get a new hair cut and be open minded about a new style of clothing, being that most girls love clothes there may be something that you have on that could catch her eye in a positive way:)


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  • Try grooming and dressing well.