Guy body!?! my boyfriend has an amazing body...except his armpit hair. which grosses me out to an extreme. and its not like there's something wrong with it, Because there isn't. it just bothers me, and he wants me to take his shirt off...which id love to do except for that flaw. what should I do? and also what are some methods of taking his shirt off


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  • 1. To politely tell him, mix it into a compliment. Like this: "You're incredibly sexy. You know what would make you sexier? No armpit hair." It doesn't have to be exactly that, just along those lines. That way, he feels like he's pleasing you, not being criticized. I bet he'll be less offended then you think. It's not like you're saying "Hey, I won't take your shirt off because you're ugly". He'll understand that no armpit hair is just something you like, and if it turns you on more, trust me, he'll do it.

    2. If it's a button shirt, button down, that way you get closer and closer to his package. if it's a t-shirt, pull it over his head.

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