Skinny girls with big boobs and nice skin can have any guy, agree?

Thats what I noticed, if a girl is skinny and have big boobs (C and over) and An OK face guys are all over if she wears revealing top...

It might be a stupid theory but I notice that if a girl actually is skinny and have the boobs she doesn't even have to be really pretty and guys say she is hot...

Guys are so shallow and hypocrite, because them they say no its her " personality" just admit it that looks is what You really care...

I am not bitter, good for them to be skinny and have Nice boobs their life is easier...

Most guys then?

would You refuse a hot chick?!


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  • No that's not true. Some guys may look because they're having kinky thoughts but I don't know if that's going to keep them there long term or make them think the girl is girlfriend material. I see it like this. Negative attention for me is when guys look at just my body and are lusting after me and thinking damn I wanna do that girl, positive attention is if the guy looks at me and think wow she looks like a beautiful, caring and friendly girl that I would want to have as mine. That's the difference. Those girls who dress slutty are fine with getting negative attention, I'm not, therefor I don't dress slutty. It depends on the type attention you want to get.


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  • This is an oversimplification.

    If a girl is really hot, of course we're all going to want to f*ck her.

    We never said we were going to marry her and give her all our love and possessions.

    She can't have any guy.

    But every guy is going to want to have her.

  • Nope

    • @update: Every guy has his preference to what he finds physically attractive. Looks are one way to provoke initial attraction to get someone's attention. It works the same way for guys attracting girls (OMG girls are so superficial, they're such pigs. =P)... After that you actually have to have some chemistry with the guy. Some guys are simple minded and will be like wow she's hot and she likes the same band as me awesome other guys are more complex and expect a lot more in common.

    • Looks might get your the first chance to talk to the guy, but if your personality is not agreeable for whatever reason he's probably going to pass on you and look at the girl across the room.

  • Short term, yes. Long term, no.

  • Look is what some guys care about, but those aren't the guys you should hang around. In my opinion, a girl with big boobs, but doesn't have a pretty face is not that attractive. Personality is most important but some perverse guys see it other ways.

  • You mean like this? link

    Pass. I'd prefer this. link

    • lol well you like the bum then but still same thing

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    • Well not exactly like that, what I mean is that some guys claim that they aren't shallow that's all about personality but not really they want those types of girls and they don't care about how they are

    • Well, I think my girlfriend's hot, and she doesn't look like either of the chicks in those pictures, but I'm very sexually attracted to her. She does have an awesome personality, and that's part of what I love about her, but I don't think her personality affects my sexual attraction to her all that much.

      I will say this, I might find someone sexually attractive, but I couldn't BE with them if they had a sh*t personality, that's for damn sure.

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  • I'm skinny with boobs. (Uk 6, full C) But I really can't have any guy I want. I can't wear the tops I want without them accentuating my chest and getting creepy looks from guys. Believe me I'd give anything to be straight up and down like everyone else around here.

    • well you are lucky and you don't value that

    • Guess the grass is always greener on the other side lol

    • could be, but you can be confident that you have what they want, well most of them, they might just be intimidated

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