Is being tall a turn off?

I am about 5'9'' and I feel like every guy I've met loves girls who are short, like under 5'5'' at least. Its a little frustrating because I always loved being tall because I've always had dreams of modeling. But now I just don't feel like guys are attracted to me like they are to cute, short girls. SO what I'm getting at is, do you believe that tall girls aren't as attractive and don't catch your eye as much as short girls?

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  • I feel your pain...find a guy your height sounds great in theory... If only there really were that many guys our height eh? Lol... I'm 5'10"...6'1-2" in heels. Even if I'm not in heels I get the "wow you're tall!" comments...from men and women alike..since I'm already in that category anyway, the extra couple inches aren't going to hurt me anymore than nature has.

    Anyway..tall girls get a lot of attention..a lot. You can't help but to notice us..we command attention! But..when it comes down to actually wanting to date go. Guys like to be the taller ones...and since most guys are about 5'10" or shorter (for the general population I've come across) that limits the playing field dramatically.

    Its the guys who have "tall" personalities..where the height isn't as noticable, even when I'm in my heels, because they have such a strong and confident sense of self that end up working out for me...and they are out there.


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  • You just gotta find guys that are taller or your own height at least. Everyone is different, you may just have bad luck with attraction in general if your having a hard time. I've seen some pretty amazing tall girls (around your height) but they seem to have low self esteem which is also a turn off.

    Have a little confidence in yourself and you'll be fine, besides your not freakishly tall or taller than most guys right?

    • I don't let guys see that I'm self conscious about my height, I definitely try to show that I am confident, and I can "pick up" guys. Its just that it seems most of them really go nuts for the short girls. No I'm not freakishly tall but I do believe I am taller than a good percentage of guys especially in heels, which I love. So its a little sad..

  • I'm very attracted to taller women 5'9-even 6', because for me being 6'2 I like to have someone I don't have to bend down to kiss or look down to all the time. I have dated a girl who was 5'10 she played volleyball and I was attracted to her from the first time I saw her. She would always wear heels ha which would make her my height or taller, I would always make fun of her for trying to be taller then me.

    So to answer ur question no I don't think it is unattractive at all to be tall. Frankly I think it is more attractive if they are 5'9 or taller. I think they would catch my eye a lot more then someone who was shorter. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks!! That makes me feel like I at least have a little hope! :)

    • NP, go after guys who are 6'0 or taller trust me most of them will probably be attracted to the fact that your tall.

  • Once I get to know a girl height doesn't matter. Personality is the most important thing. Being tall will definitely get you noticed first though.

  • I find myself attracted to girls my height and even a bit higher (5'11")

    I don't really get why a guy would go out with a girl 6 in+ shorter either..

  • As long as the girl is shorter than or the same height as me. I'm 5'9". It just feels awkward to be with a girl taller than I am.


      i think tall girls are hot as hell but I'm only 5'7 or 5'8'' so when I see one id like to talk to and stuff... in the back of my head my inner guy is saying " it ain't gonna happen jack"(my names not jack).. So I gotta settle for the smaller girls. :)

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