What is the correct formal clothing to wear at a Christian university?

does it include discreet jewellery?

in the rules it says no tattoos :(


A line skirts?


no flashy colors, no showing bra/cleavage/underwear, no heavy makeup, or body rings such as brow, nose, tongue rings

Tell me this sucks majorly!


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  • I went to a pretty conservatice christian school in the south for years, and it wasn't that strict. the girls had to wear knee length skirts, and couldn't show too much chest (no cleavage whatsoever), and nothing tight or sleevless...

    • thanx! I hav a question..did that influence your moral values and the way people behaved towards you?

    • people think of me as some kind of ignorant southern racist, lol. I believe the bible, and a lot of people have a problem with that, but that THEIR problem.

    • i get your point. don't worry about people..just smile and move on with your lyf

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  • Does the school have an established dress code? If it doesn't, then opt for the conservative route and then check to see what the students are wearing once you're in. That way, you'll be able to get an idea on what you can and can't wear on campus.:)