What's My Problem? Is It The Green Eyed Monster?

I've fallen in love with a girl I've known as a close friend since 5th grade (we are next door neighbors). She seems to like me. She'll look stare at me for 2 seconds when we walk past each other in the halls as well as waving at me if I wave to her from a far distance. If I smile at her she'll smile at me with a whole smile, if I look into her eyes while she talks she'll talk slower or look down with a smile. I'll be swimming in the pool 8 lanes away and she'll look at me while she kicks. All in all... she seems to like me.

But my problem is this: If she does/doesn't do one small thing (not look at me when I look at her, talk to another guy, etc.) I tend to get depressed and jealous. Like today, she told me she was going to the school lacrosse game. I don't know why, but the thought of her and some other guy at the game came into my mind. Knowing her as well as I do, I'm pretty sure its with friends... but it just comes back into my mind. Yeah, I realize I have jealousy issues... but that's because I'm always unsure about my gut feeling. Most of the time, my gut instinct tells me she likes me, no doubt about it. Other times... I question that instinct.

What is my problem? How can I fix it? (And since I already have you here, do you think she likes me?)


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  • She does like you. That's the exact way I act around guys I like. You don't have a problem. You just have to ask her out. What if some other guy likes her too? Just ask her. If you are afraid of saying something stupid, don't be. She will understand and she's going to be flattered that you like her that much and chances are if she likes you she's going to be nervous too.

  • give her a little space it seems you want her all to yourself but try to ease up a little about it. try talking to some other girls to help (even talking to them just as friends) but by what you said you do like her and she likes you. you should try talking to her about it but focus on what you said in the first bit and only slighty mention what you said in the second bit.


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