You men, husbands, fathers.......

you know your wife is busy with cleaning and caring for the kids all day as well as making your lunches and dinners, you come home,

if she isn't dressed pretty or at least have her hair done or make up done do you get turned off or feel like she's ugly or lost her sexiness?

if she IS dressed nice and found time to do her hair and make up for you do you notice or appreciate it?

does it not matter to you in any way?

to the women,

by the time your husband gets home, are you dressed and prettied up or in pjs still ratty hair and no make up and he's lucky you brushed your teeth?

lol be honest!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I can understand either way to be honest. If I come through the door and she's not done up, Id have to understand what her day may have been like. She may be tired and stressed with no time to even think about doing her hair and make up. What does that mean to me?

    That means when she does take the time to get dressed up and get her make up done, I need to notice. Not only notice but mention to her that I DO notice. This is a sign of appreciation which is only good for me in the end. If I didn't notice, then we would have a problem and rightfully so. Its about noticing when she's does take the time and understanding why she doesn't other times.


What Girls Said 1

  • When I was married... I always looked my best. Actually, I got in even better shape and started paying even more attention to details with my clothes, hair and makeup. Crazily enough...thats the thing I miss most about being married...him walking through the door...seeing me, the house clean, kiddo bouncy and happy, the scent of dinner ready to go on the table and saying he must be the luckiest guy on earth.

    Didnt stop the donkey from cheating on me, but I digress...LoL! *sigh* I did it for me..and I still do. Even now that I'm single... I wake up, get dressed, do my hair and at the least some blushed gloss and keep the house tidy. It makes me feel good to pull myself together even if no one is going to see, and I make sure my daughter does the same... You just feel better about yourself and it gives the feeling you can take on the world when you take care of yourself.

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