Would you look differently at a girl with a tattoo?

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo, a really small one just below my ankle, it would be a national sign of a country I come from. Do you think it would lessen my chances of getting a job or being treated seriously (based on my looks and the way I dress, people usually see me as someone really conservative), do you think the idea is silly? It's not a feminine tattoo, rather very nationalistic ( I want to remember where I come from), and lastly this is directed to the male readers, would it be a turnoff?


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  • I do look differently at a girl who has a tattoo.

    Even though I don't like tattoos I actually like the idea of what you're thinking of getting... I have to say that's the best idea I've heard in my entire life for a tattoo and I'm being serious.


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  • A small one? on your ankle?

    Not really a deal breaker or anything. It's easy to cover up and not too glaringly obvious. It's unlikely it would stop you from getting a job... besides if someone was looking that close you might have to sue for harassment!

  • I'm in pharmacy school and I can point down any row of our class and find a girl with a tattoo somewhere. You're under 18, times have changed, and tattoos are far less of an issue with people when it comes to jobs and being treated seriously.

    Personally, I like tattoos and piercings on a girl, but that may be because I have neither and it might be one of those opposites attract type things.

  • Why do you have to get a tattoo to remember where you came from?

    Even thought my life wasn't great in my country of birth it will always remain in my heart as my home.

    • I don't NEED it, but I'm adapting more into my current culture everyday which isn't always a good thing, tattoo is supposed to be a remainder of my old life, especially since until recently I almost rejected my heritage, this would be permanent. Maybe it makes sense only in my head.

    • Well do what you gotta do. What's your heritage?

      I have pictures of my country and a bottle of wine at which I sometimes look and start feeling proud.

      If you do end up getting a tattoo then what you chose is way better than 98% of other tattoos

    • I'm polish and little bit of Russian but the tattoo is going to be a polish eagle since Poland is where I grew up. What does the wine bottle symbolise then?

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