This particular hairstyle?

My grandmother loves to play with my hair. She typically styles it in some old fashion way. I'm never typically fond of the styles she puts it in. However, this past time, she used some odd contraption type thing. I sent my boyfriend a picture of it because he asked...wanted a laugh I guess. But he said that I looked like Princess Leia. I had the bun thing going, I guess. And he said it was a good thing. Said he was extremely turned on by me looking like that. And I know he was being serious. I thought he was kidding, but nope. any other guys find the Leia look attractive or a turn-on? Or is my boyfriend just weird?


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  • I don't not find it a turn on but the look is not unattractive to me. He is not weird, there is much stranger things out there he could like.


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  • I'm a Star Wars geek so I think the Princess Leia look is beautiful on most girls, lucky you having the hair to do that and I'm also jealous of you, I wish my Grandmother liked playing with my hair, she hasn't done that since I was about 6 haha! Definitely do the hairstyle more, it'll be refreshing for other people to see that style hasn't died and to see someone with hair a little different is never a bad thing.

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