Waxing upper lip question! Girls help!

I am getting my lip waxed for the first time...

my questions are:

does it grow back faster?

will it grow back thicker?

how often do I need to get it done?

please state your experiences


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  • I wax my lip- not because it was dark but I just hate hair. The color and thickness feels the same, but it almost seems like there's more hair. I've read that waxing messes up your natural hair cycle for growing and losing hair, and will put it all together which is why women seem to think they're growing more when really they're growing all at the same time. You'll probably have to do it every 2 weeks which can be expensive so if you're brave I'd suggest trying at home.


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  • I've never had my lip waxed but I do get my legs waxed.

    Waxing grows back MUCH slower than shaving. Shaving cuts the hair right at the skin, so if the hair grows the tiniest bit, it is noticeable. Waxing pulls the hair from its source, so the hair is actually completely gone right afterward. So, because it is gone from even the follicle, it seems to grow back slower. After lots and lots of waxing though, sometimes the follicles themselves are ripped out, which results in less hair permanently.

    It will grow back thinner than shaving too. Shaving creates a rough point, which is stubble. For waxing, when the hair grows back, it is a completely knew hair with a soft, fine tip.

    You need to wait about 3 weeks, sometimes more, between waxing so that enough hair can grow enough for the wax to grip.

  • I don't wax my lip, but I do on my legs.

    It doesn't grow back faster or thicker and how often depends on your body. If the hair is fine you should be okay to go around every 2 weeks.

    I would suggest just doing laser treatments if bothers you a lot. Groupon and Livingsocial usually give out 6 treatments of laser for less than 100$.

    • when it grows back does it appear more visible? will it eventually stop growing? people tell me that there's stops growing or less comes out over time... then I hear other stories where it caused others to grow a stache o_O

    • Hair will only stop growing it if is damaged from the root. Lasers do exactly that! :)

      It will not grow back less or more visible if you wax it. If your skin is sensitive,it may create a dark mark, but that's about it.

  • No. No. No. It hurts like a muther f***er!

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