Guys, thoughts on make up? This is not really a generic question.

I've never liked the thought of makeup because it's not very nice to the skin and I like the all natural look. However, as I'm getting older, (nearly 25) I've been getting a nagging feeling that "grown ups" wear makeup, not for the purpose of covering flaws but just as an act of being grown / put together (besides you always remember hearing, make up is for grown women, not a little girl)?

Work places seem to encourage the wearing of makeup to look professional, and when you're going out somewhere fancy it's also encouraged.

So for this purpose do you think women should wear make up? I mean would it be beneficial at all - to look "the part"?

Even with saying that I'd only try out a light blush, I still wouldn't go into anything else yet LOL. I know that sounds kinda stupid as I'm asking about makeup as a whole, the whole face done up, but for now that's all I'd be comfortable with.

What's your view on blush anyway? What does it do for you when you see a girl with some on? :)


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  • It sounds ridiculous that any workplace might suggest that you wear something to enhance your looks. I can understand dress codes you have to live up to but makeup is a totally subjective and optional element to suggest you HAVE to have.

    I will agree that there's a point where people expect a certain look but it should be your choice to partake. That said I suppose blush is the least excessive.


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  • My wife wears it on rare special occasions..i don't like any of that cheek crap" concealer, blush, foundation and bronzer...mascara is good...


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