Which is the more proper choice of underwear?

who is more likely to wear a thong? and what would you guess 1-10 the chance is each one wore a thong?

A girl in her mid 20's wearing a longer flowing kinda skirt, but a little tight around the waist/butt who is in good shape or a 45 year old woman (who is in good shape) wearing a tight pencil skirt and nice blouse.

Please give a reason!


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  • The younger girl could definitely be wearing a thong, or cheeky boyshort undies because neither would show much if any panty lines in that kind of skirt. She may also like the breezy feel of minimal underwear [thong] under a skirt and feel secure enough to wear one due to the length of the skirt.

    The older woman could also be wearing a thong because she sounds like she dresses professionally, so she would want to do the professional thing and avoid panty lines, as pencil skirts are very form-hugging. Or she may be more conservative and wear a fuller coverage underwear with no visible seams to add bulk under her skirt. Also if she wears any kind of stockings, they can reduce visibility of panty lines slightly, especially if the stockings are of a thicker weave/material.


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  • I think they both are wearing a thong... I am in the younger group and thongs are all I wear... I find then to be more comfy than anything else... I don't see why that would be any different for anyone else, no matter what their age is...

  • neither... usually the material used with a flowy skirt wouldn't require a thong to avoid panty lines, it's most likely sheer too so it's probably going to be a nude color.

    I just really doubt a 45 year old would wear a thong.

    If either of them wear a thong it's probably due to personality rather than an "appropriate" choice.

    • "I just really doubt a 45 year old would wear a thong."

      I'm embarrassed to say this, but my 65 year old grandmother still wears thongs XD

    • oh xD do you know why?

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  • The girl in her 20s wears the thong, because she's young and sexy :)

    The 45 year old woman isn't wearing anything, because she's a old and sexy :))