Does a stylish appearance really help you with the guys?Talk about a time where a girl's style attracted you?

Style certainly isn't everything, but lets face it; we live in a superficial society where the majority of people place a lot of importance on the surface you. Not only that, but despite the amount of guys who claim they could care less what a girl wears, the girls who tend to get the most male attention usually have some sense of style. I'm just curious if a stylish appearance can really help you with guys? What is it about the appearance that may catch their attention? Guys, can you tell me about a time where a girl's sense of style attracted your initial interest?


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  • Style is subjective, and fashion is objective. Something like that. I don't care if she's wearing the latest trends and would be turned off if she went overboard with them. I do expect a girl to have a style and go with it, one that isn't looking like she just woke up. Comfortable and confident. I'm not expecting her to mimic whatever's in the latest fashion magazine, but she should know how to dress for a local play or a day in the park or a nice date and not have the same outfit.

    Off the top of my head I met a girl in college who didn't dress like she was in college, and I was impressed that she actually dressed up just a smidgen above what every other girl at the time was wearing. She worked as a receptionist and actually work before classes, but I still noticed her.


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  • It's never sparked initial interest. Style is not a deciding factor. I'd say if she has something unique about her style it can be a conversation piece on approach if I was already going to approach, but that's not that big of a deal. If she is well put together and classy, as well as wears clothing that flatters her feature then sure it might make her seem more physically appealing then if she was wearing a bear jacket or something that masks her shape... I don't really notice a girls style from an attraction stand point until I start to observe her anyway. Like there will be a little bit of attraction, we start flirting, and then I start to check her out. Then I might notice the color of her fingernails or something like that or something in her hair. Who knows what it will be. They are little unique insights into her character.

  • It depends on the girl. If the girl is attractive to me then I do not care about their style. If the girl is average looking then it can make a difference. If a average looking girl dresses nice, then it makes her more attractive then a average looking girl who puts no effort in. For the type of style on girls, it is different for every guy as to what they like.


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