What is a good outfit for a date after you've been dating for a year?

This is mainly directed to guys because I would like to know their opinion, but girls are welcome to answer. The guy I've been dating for a year has basically seen me in every outfit I own... But I still want to spice things up, upload pictures, describe outfits, anything!.id just like to know (:


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  • I have no idea what you normally wear, but I would love to see a girl in any of these: link link link link link link

    • If you don't like any of those, you can use that site to find something you like.

    • Well thank you for your opinion (:

    • Your welcome.

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  • Wear something that you wore for your first few dates:P bring back old memories and try to go back into the mindset a year ago where all you wanted to do was impress him that's when you will get great ideas I'd say a dress they are always a perfect date outfit curl your hair or straighten it whatever fits the style of the dress put on cute heels or flip flops and accessorize:) cute fun and he will realize why he liked you from he start:)