What do you think, protein overload? (hair)

i wear my hair braided up for a month then I when I take them I out I wash detangle then do an homemade protein treatment I leave it on for about 5 min then deep condition for like 3 hours or overnight (because it takes along time for this).

but I found an shampoo that has kertein in and I wanna try it out. so do you think I need to skip out on the protein treatment, or my hair can take both long as I deep condition for a long time?

side note: my hair can take protein


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  • To be honest, I find that protein conditioners work much better than shampoo with protein; however, if you do want to try the shampoo, then I suggest beginning by alternating between the protein shampoo and a regular cheap or sulfate free shampoo.

    If after a few weeks you haven't noticed an overload, then you could try a protein treatment. If that DOES cause an overload, make sure to moisturize with a deep conditioner.

    But keep in mind, no amount of deep conditioning can make up for protein overload, so you have to be careful

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