Do girls like guys who wear hats to class? (high school + college)

also, can we dress up (polo or oxford button down shirt with chino shorts or khaki pants) and wear hats or is it only with casual clothes (sweatpants t shirt )


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  • My boyfriend wears hats a lot, and I used to not really like hats on guys. However, he looks really good with a hat on. I tihnk in today's time, hats are more of a fashion thing than a sun blocker. I think hats are fine in buildings (Except formal setting of course), but they should be taken off when eating. And I would generally say no to a hat with a polo or oxford, but I guess it depends on what type of hat. If it is a baseball or snapback, I'd say no. However, if you are wearing just a solid tshirt or v-neck, a hat could dress it down if that is the look you are going for.

  • No. It's poor etiquette to wear a hat inside a building and would indicate their personality.

    Other than that, it doesn't matter what you wear. You shouldn't really look scruffy though.


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