Which hair cut will suit better on a guy who have kind of small forehead?

(1) link

(2) link

(3) link

(4) link

(5) link

you can add your favorite hair styles too :)

well I have little forehead.. so which one look better on me ? you can see my profile pic also..


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  • ok you can never go wrong with Chace Crawford.


    1. Amazing. Why? because it covers the forhead just right not to baggy or shaggy. Which would be perfect to hide your tiny forehead just right.

    2.It's kinda weird... would'nt really flatter a small forehead. But who knows maybe it just looks bad cause it's Taylor Lautner.

    3.No. Just No. It would be like your trying too hard to look like a guy in a all boys band.

    4.I don't like it cause the front looks badly cut... it's too uneven.

    5. Meh you could try it, but again that dude has the face and long forehead for it...


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  • 2/4/5 they look almost similar. But maybe if I have to choose one, I will choose 4.

    Because the bangs don't cover the forehead, and consequently the forehead will look better or maybe wider.

    • Umm. Thanks but will people find it attractive when I show my forehead ? Because I have little smaller than the photo 4. :/

    • I don't know but I imagine it will be good. Because people who have wide foreheads usually cover it with their bangs. So I guess since you don't have a wide forehead you don't need to cover it. ^^

  • link but black .

  • 1, and maybe five are nice. 3...no lol, it looks greasy and thin. 2 looks okay when you first look at it but I started getting dizzy looking for too long :P 5, and 4 are not my cup of tea. I like one the best.

  • uhhhhh go look up that one hottie from victorious ;-) his hair is DREAMMMY

    • yeah, I saw him but don't you think he has more long hair ?! I want somewhat short.. but thanks for your ans. :)

    • and yeah.. it's really surprising , he's from my culture actually :D

  • 1, 3 and 4

  • 5 or 2 look pretty good =)


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  • 1-Gay!

    2-Daaaaaamn, gay!

    3-Dammit dude, I want some good pics

    4-Okay, best of all your pics

    5-No comment

    Sorry dude, I don't think that people care much about others foreheads, I think that it's just one of the things that you don't like about yourself but no one else notices, am I right? Haha :D