How can I get a beautiful girlfriend?

long story ... actually I alway's try to get a beautiful and a good girl for my self but I alway's failed on that I wish to get a one who trust me loves me but they always reject me & actually I've tried with some girl's that I've known in uni but they're always be in a relationship's & reject me too .

uhm ... actually I've been tired & sick because of this situation and I really want help about that .


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  • The same way you get an ugly girl... talking to her. Go out of your comfort zone, go new places and meet them. The gym, coffee shop, through friends, a bar etc.

    • uhm ... actually I've tried through friend's & the gym but it didn't work ... coffee shop I don't know about it do you that they would talk with a stranger guy who just they've seen in the coffee shop ... but if it's will work tell me how can I do it please

    • It may not work with everyone but if you regular/frequent a place and you see a girl around that many times, you essentially become more "familiar" it took me a year to get to saying hi to one of the guys who works at my gym...It takes a while to get comfortable. Smiling and saying hi is friendly and it doesn't give you away, so just smile at a cute girl, at the least it'll make her day :) Do you have university? Classes are another good way.

    • yup actually I'm in a uni but there's no one attractive in there or actually I've tried once with a cute girl & I didn't know that she have a boy friend & actually he came to me & he tries to be it me up but he couldn't :P & the girl she said ohh ! like I'm a tuff guy & she would be with me but I said no because she had a boy friend who loves her because if he didn't care about her he won't came to me & tries to beat me so uni uhm ... :P I don't think so I'll try the coffee shop it's better

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  • i have to agree with xzina. there are some guys (a lot actually)who want a "pretty" girl to make themselves feel important or worthwhile. truth is they only "love" the girl bcs she's "pretty." many times there is no connection. this is the kind of guy a girl should run from. I remember a guy telling me something similar, and all I could think about was how to get away from this dull shallow tard; and how I could manage to never see him again. he thought he was flattering me, and being a nice guy...seriously? dude your motives are all wrong. some guys think they are nice and think very much like you and they blame women for rejecting them. Many guys say pretty women can be mean or hostile; well let me give you an example of what you just said in terms a guy might understand.

    "How can I find a guy that's rich and a good guy?" How does that sound coming from a girl on a date? or maybe she says to you. "You know, Jake, I've always wanted a guy as rich and wealthy as you." I can bet any guy that hears that will say, "Get lost you gold digger!"

    Women are thinking the same thing when you approach for looks only.

    good luck with that...

    • maybe there's a little miss under standing in my question when I wrote it I should say how can I get a real girl friend who alway's loves me and appreciated me & deserve me.

      and I know that sound's awful for the girl's ...actually what's in my mind if I find the one uhm... I'll do my best hardly to make her the most happiest girl in the world & maybe the good looking is important but I know that there's many thing's or a lot of thing's important than the looking for example love.

    • i'm so sorry if my question bother you but I should say in it that how can I find the girl who really care's about me and love actually I really mess that part of the question .

      & I know that really get girl's go angry (my question) but I didn't mean it like that & there's many thing's important more than good looking & I know that for example LOVE & iam abig believer in love ... but I still can't find the one thatwho deserve my love & when I find her I'll do my best to make her happy

    • and actually I've been try'n to find someone who deserve me & who deserve my love too but I still can't find her until now & actually uhm ... I've been single for 5 year's & I don't know how to do it

      uhm... & maybe you know in my country it's not that easy to find the one :( who deserve you because they alway's sees money first

  • how 'bout you stop trying to get someone pretty and try to get someone you love?

    • that's what I want but I'm tired of keep trying because they alway's rejected me

    • you only love them cause they're pretty

    • no it's not like that actually there's alittle mess in my question actually I'm try'n to find someone who deserve me & deserve my love too & I know it's not just about good looking there's many thing's important more than the good looking for ex love & iam abig believer on it & if I find her I'll try & do my best to make her the most happiest girl in the world .

  • Quit worrying about looks so much and don't go for girls in relationships. Not every "beautiful" girl is a good person. Beauty is only skin deep. And rejection is a part of life. Get used to it.

    • that's agood point not every beautiful girls is a good person & about rejection I've been single for 5 year's so rejection is a real & I use to keep it with me hehehehe .

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    • Women are actually very attracted to confident men, and they don't have to be that physically attractive. Just don't let yourself get cocky. That's a turn off.

    • no I'll never be a cocky that's even not in my personality

  • Stop being so superficial, duh. relationship and love really isn't only about the looks

  • be sweet!and romantic!

    • actually I can be that & I'll do everything to keep her happy

    • then uve got yourself a cute girl ;)

    • hope that but I don't know any cute one :( but I'll do my best

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