I hate my body because people love it?

Not fishing for compliments. And I don't know which category I have to put this question it...

I hate my body, I didn't care before, but now I hate it because people are forever going on about it. Both girls and guys talk about how they need to have a body like mine up against them. It makes me sick. I'm DD breast, I have a big bum and a small waist. people who hated me before now talk to me because of how I have started to look, rather than just wanting to get to know the real me. I started wearing shapeless clothes because people just cannot keep their hands of it.

What should I do?


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  • I can understand how hurtful it can feel to be regarded not by the person you are, but by how you look. I would compare that to someone being wanted only for their money, for their social status, for whatever they can be used for. I would have to think that would make a person feel they are disregarded as an individual; their only worth is what the other person wants from them.

    Although I'm aware that being the way you are draws plenty of unwanted attention, you are just going to have to learn to deal with it immediately. When people make comments or approach you - have a response ready to let them know that you are not comfortable with that type of attention. You don't have to be polite but being rude isn't necessary as well - a firm assertive reply would suffice.

    "Please, I'm not interested in hearing about my body." or "I don't appreciate those comments." Something to show that you aren't interested in hearing opinions about your body. Unless someone is putting their hands on you without permission - you have every right to be rude then. You aren't public property and you don't have to be polite about making others aware of that.

    People aren't going to be sympathetic toward you, which makes me sad because you can't help the way you are - but I think that has more to do with envy and resentment. Something else that isn't your fault. They can't know what it's like to walk in your shoes so they can't relate to what you're dealing with. Most would feel they would welcome that attention just because they don't receive enough. They don't have to deal with your reality, just their own imagination.

    All I can tell you is to walk tall and don't change a thing. As a beautiful woman you have the right to be as you are - ignore the negativity.

    I've always felt sympathy for beautiful women - men seem to think they are advertising and women feel jealous. That can't be easy to deal with when all they want to do is be themselves and feel appreciated for that.

    Best of luck, sweetie.


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  • You could imagine being ugly and no one wanting to be with you and then reconsider how bad you really have it.

  • If you're being harassed or unwillingly touched then just slap or knock them out, or just call the police. Deal with the people who wronged you instead of trying to blame yourself.

    Also.. I'm almost certain you have no idea what are you talking now. If what you say is true, many women would be ready to kill to have such body - there's a reason why they become anorexic (for thin waist) and use silicon implants (for bigger breasts) - people do a lot of crazy and dangerous stuff to look attractive, so if it's given to you naturally - enjoy it, it's invaluable treasure, don't let creepy guys or jealous girls to make you feel bad about what you have!

  • I feel you. I'm a billionaire and all of these gorgeous women become obsessed stalkers when they see the things I can afford. I try to hide it by dressing normal and acting normal but they find out eventually and won't let me go.

    I hate being a billionaire. Women who hated me before are acting really nice now. They care more about my billionaire status than getting to know me.

    • I sense sarcasm.. and lies, but you have a good point.

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  • get some boundaries. don't let people touch you or talk about your body.