Creative ways to ask out a girl to prom?

I need ideas on how to ask this girl out to prom creatively. I am pretty sure that she will say yes but I want something new and fresh rather than the old boring stuff. I mean I've heard people who have asked people to prom via text message with the simple "hey do you want to go to prom with me?".

I personally think that is too dull and lame. I'm thinking of surprising her in school, maybe in one of her classrooms. I know she'll never expect it. Thanks.


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  • There are a million stunts you could pull for the sake of flair itself. You could have a dozen roses sent to her homeroom--red or yellow depending on what you want to say symbolically. You could shell out more coin and have someone visit her at school and sing a scripted request to your gal pal. Just make sure that your intended will feel flattered rather than freaked out. Style is fun but you're as likely to score big points with directness and sincerity. Young dudes don't always have the stones to approach a girl, express an attraction for her, and then follow this risky move with a request for a major date. That's an edgy move and takes some guts. Sure the old fashioned do-or-die style won't have the panache of a fancy stunt, but a woman's who's already into you will be floored and flattered by your confidence.

    P.S. I agree with you on text messaging. It's a sorry way to express any personal message.

  • It isn't exactly dramatic in the actual asking process. But, the setup was kinda creative. I told her substitute Math teacher that I was told by the Principal's Office to come and get her. Because I knew this particular sub, and that he wouldn't try to verify what I said with the office. (I was very careful not to do anything to get her in trouble). So once she was released, we got to simply walk around the empty halls until she was scheduled to return to class. During this time, I asked her to prom, and she happily agreed.