Should I go for the rough bad boy look at my new university?

I mean, I really am a rough type of bad boy. Like I'm sort of the lone wolf, and I love girls and seducing them and I love getting into trouble and the type who doesn't back down from anyone.

Only thing is, since the start of high school, I've always tried to hide that Because I though girls wouldn't like it.

But now that I'm at a university, I think I wanna embrace it and look the part.

Some changes I'm going to make is:

- Stubbly facial hair.

-Darker clothes (not emo)

-embrace my idgaf attitude

-being more open to new wild things.

Would it be sexy to you girls if I do it? Would you be intimidated? Should I keep hiding it? What do you all think?


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  • Just be yourself. I'm sure there's plenty of girls that will like you. But, don't force yourself to be a certain way. Just go with the flow and embrace who you feel you are. I'll say that I love guys who are spontaneous and have a wild, rebel side. However, I'm not sure about the acting like you don't care part...i like a guy that does care and can be profound. I like the style you're going for, just don't lose sight of your roots and who you are. Keep your mind straight and it will definitely make you attractive.

  • do you! definitely, women who are not looking for a badboy would love to know upfront, and girls who are looking for a badboy will definitely take their cue. of course I don't endorse doing anything bad or wrong.

    • I think they can tell and choose for themselves. I really don't need to say anything about it.

  • the whole idgaf attitude is suuuch a turnoff for me. I think your more smooth, not a badass. I think you should embrace whatever aspects of yourelf that you wanna but I wouldn't start being an ass.

    • what makes you think I'm smooth?

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    • haha oh it really is.

      Can I add you? Maybe we can talk more?

  • I have always found it extremely sexy. If your talking about Reality Bites Troy (Ethan Hawk) then of course go for it. I like those types of guys and people more just because they know what they do and don't give a sh*t about. I find it very honorable to be like that.

    • exactly. I hated hiding it.

      I just wanna let loose.

    • You go for it then. You'll actually be better liked and respected for being that way than faking a good guy.

    • I definitely am. Can't hide it forever.

  • bad boy but respectful of women and their feelings is OK. Just don't act like a jerk.

    • oh of course. I would never hurt a girls feelings. I just love girls lol so fun to chase, date and f*** lol

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  • Be yourself. This sounds contrived.

    • definatly not

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    • lol not what the girls above think,

      Honestly your opinion doesn't mean sh*t to me.

      Youre a hater.

      Duces. Don't even bother commenting back. I'm not answering u

    • Yeah, Ethan Hawk in a movie from 1993 is the epitome of "badass."

  • You don't know rough haha, unless you toting guns daily.

    • bro you don't know sh*t about me.

      or wtf I've done.

      So fall back.

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    • Waiting on you Anonymous.

    • no point in even arguing.

      Not about to argue over the computer. That's p****.