Lingerie, stockings, high heels?

From a perspective of a woman in a relationship...

If you knew your boyfriend has a thing for this things and he would ask you really nicely to wear theme for him, would you (perhaps you already did) feel good and do it or would you feel bad, perhaps even offended? Most guys really like this things and I wonder, what is your perspective on this?


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  • I'm not really comfortable with this level of thing, but I know my boyfriend likes skirts and lingerie. I'm a girl who always wore jeans, but for him I've picked up a few skirts/dresses, and some bedroom wear. The pleased response I get from him is usually more than the discomfort I experience at being self conscious, and with encouraging words and smiles from him, I can usually open up enough that I'm not worrying about how I look.

    Yes, it kills the mood for a bit, but I find that when the girl feels like the mood's done, the guy can encourage her to feel sexy and confident again with a little bit of effort. I'd say try to stay playful and upbeat for a while, and if it's her style, get a little romantic about it. 10, 15 minutes of your time off track could lead to several hours of fun in the manner you were looking for, and make the next experience easier.


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  • Offended? never.

    Sex is all about keeping an open mind and having fun.

    if that's what turns him on, I'd be glad to do it.

    • Also, I wear those things on my own without him asking. I just think they look very sexy.

  • Yeah I have done/will continue too/enjoy this type of dress up. I do Burlesque dancing so this is a pretty normal occurrence for me. I don't have heaps of body confidence but I just enjoy the look and have fun. I'm single but in the past I have dressed up in this style, especially the stocking or over the knee socks, most guys seem to love that.

  • I already wear these things, and I'm not with anyone in any way what-so-ever right now. Feeling sexy is always a good thing

    • That's the difference sometimes: some like it, some wear it because of their partners. I agree. Feeling sexy is ALWAYS a good thing ;)

  • I wear them.

    I don't think I have a very nice body, but my partner adores my legs, and he loves it when I get into lingerie. I love the feel of stockings.

    I'm 5 foot 6 so when I wear heels I normally end up being at least his height. I see it as I want to make my man happy. I gain pleasure from it myself seeing him satisfied.

    • It's like almost the exact situation withouth her really loving it (she does it, but...). That's what kinda kills the mood sometimes... Don't ger me wrong, I don't blame her in any way.

    • Maybe you should do something she enjoys.

      Eg, if she really likes being tied up do it. There's always a bit of give and take and if she feels like she will be rewarded for her efforts, she's more likely to enjoy doing it.

    • She enjoys a slow sexual tension increasing massage, so I do it. And gladly I might add. Because it makes me extremly ready :)

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  • Some women just won't do it at all. It's a comfort level for them. Most women though, if you let them know that you love them no matter what they're in will be glad to do it for you. They sort of already know that men are visual creatures and the sexier the clothes the more turned on he's going to be