How can I be attractive & let the girls like me ?

actually this is my next step that I would do it but uhm ... hehe I don't know how to do thing's that the girl's likes in the guy


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  • For character, keep to a relatively open and approachable atmosphere, and learn to be comfortable with yourself, if you're not. Learn to laugh and enjoy life if you worry, as people can subconsciously tell when someone's down a lot.

    For looks, I think the general consensus I've heard from girls is that they like a guy who takes good care of himself in terms of appearance and hygiene. And you can't usually go wrong in a style that makes you feel comfortable and confident, as long as it's clean.

    • uhm ... I don't actually how to be opened or what it's like for uhm.. EX like ask a question & get an answer ... but about comfortable I don't know uh... actually when I see someone that I like & want to talk with her my heart start to go fast like maybe give 400 beat in one min & that's keeps me away because I can't even say hi to my friend's when I'm in this situation . what's the solution for this in your opinion on it .

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    • Good luck! If you stumble and forget how to talk, make it your mission to walk away from the encounter having learned something a name, a hobby, a favorite something-or-other. Usually those topics lead to further conversation.

    • actually really thx & I really appreciated I'll do my best on that wish me luck

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  • Just be open.

    • uhm ... how can I be opened & with what I need to be opened with them ? uhm... like ask question & get an answer ?