Hey short guys, do you really have a harder time getting dates?

My recent ex boyfriend told me he has a hard time getting dates because he's short. I'm a petite girl so we were perfect. I've never had a hard time getting guys because of it, in fact, I think it's an attractive asset to be a cute, petite girl.

I'm just wondering if this is true? I dated guys a lot taller before I met him, even though I'm short too. But I'm glad I gave it a shot with him, how he treated me made up for all the taller guys and I was deeply in love with him. But now that we're not together, I'm kinda hoping he has a hard time replacing me lol


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  • Yes it is true.


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  • I used to be a really small guy, until recent years. And before that, girls would barely look at me.

  • im 1.80 cm and I have ,too


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